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Meet Amauri Amof of AromaChick..


Tell me how you started in soapmaking.
I became interested in the subject in mid-2010 researched for almost a year and a half, I went through the process of soap glycerin base, but soon I was starting in the world of Cold, many researches have been to the first soap made from scratch, from there to here it turned into a beautiful love story.

How long have you been making soap?
I researched how to make soap by cold process for a little over a year and a half but my first attempt actually happened in September 2012 year.

Tell me about a project or experiment that you consider to be the most successful. It doesn’t have to be soap.
It’s hard to name just one project or experience, each project is a new challenge, I’m not the kind of person who is satisfied with what you’ve got to develop either inside or outside of the soap factory, I am always seeking new challenges, more complex, more difficult. .. there is a constant improvement, so maybe I’ll always think that my last project is as important or more successful.

_MG_7651If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you in soapmaking, what did you achieve?
Well, in a space of time as this to do some things, but no doubt we will be celebrating the fact that he managed to beat the simplest challenges that are in them are the largest and most significant victories. We will be celebrating the fact that we continue to make soap in a different way, which somehow put it a bit of our personality, but it deserves to be celebrated.

Do you have a specific goals? In one year? In two years?
Target is one of the key words for what we do, we must have clear goals in any activity, without them we could not win anything. I worry too much about planning, clear goals and Moths creative strategies to achieve them fascinates me!

My goal for next year is the recognition of my product by its designer, today we make soap with art and not just special properties and different scents, shapes and designs contained in each design prints on our soap our personal signature and I want this signature is recognized as a designer, as a reliable brand. Parallel to this we will be starting to teach courses and this is another challenge for this next year.

If you could wave a magic wand, what ill in the world would you solve and why?
I end with intolerance, I think this feeling is the trigger that fires every other bad feelings we have. Tolerant if we learn that we can live with differences, whatever they may be.

_MG_0508Tell us about a time when soaping didn’t go the way you wanted. What was your “great catastrophe?
Actually very little time down here this soap as I always wanted it to be! But the beginning was much more complicated, messed up a lot to get where I wanted, I would say that some tests as the first soap chocolate was a major catastrophe, but later became a hit. But what caused these catastrophes were the essences we tested here in Brazil we do not have many options which greatly impedes our work, and we are often restricted to essential oils.

All soap makers have them so tell me about your worst “lye burn”.
It may seem strange but I never had problems with Caustic Soda, usually my problems were caused by testing with scents.

Do you get a lot of support from your family?
There is always support from family, but always very timid, there are often questions about the choice of being a manufacturer of natural soap, especially when you drop another type of activity. But there is much respect for my choice and I know they support me a lot.

aaa4If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
I have no one in particular, but would like someone who interpreted identified with my story and interpret that with love! That would be enough.

You’ve cast the main character, now what do you think the title should be?
Titles, laughs … I have to think a bit about it because I do have a lot of romance, work with these flavors and aromas often refer to memories happy, make a product that really connected the intimacy of each person in an intimate moment, where we played our body, cleaned, Pure pampering, O bath is a magical moment! Perhaps the title could be dreams in soap bubbles … it’s a start …

What motivates you and what doesn’t?
Unnecessary criticism or do not help at all does not work with me. I am moved to challenges, overcoming feeds me every day is my main fuel.

How would your best friend describe you?
This question is complex, not exactly sure how to describe myself, but I would describe myself as a friendly person, always willing to help within my means, is very careful now with who’s around me, but also very true. I’m always willing to share.

What’s the biggest mistake you mistake you made in your life and what did you learn from it?
I’ve made many mistakes, so many that I could not determine the greatest, but I think I learned a lot from them, I learned to be more tolerant, more loyal, more true, more mate, more persevering, and goal. However the biggest learning was to forgive myself for mistakes and so give me another chance to continue my journey without missing much.

_MG_0500Tell me about your soap . What is your brand and company philosophy .
My soap is different, not in raw materials or in the mode of its preparation , but it is a planned soap, always part of a graphic design where the challenge is to put art into the soap, care about a balanced formula , the use of special additives but our biggest differentiator is the ” art ” aspect of plastic this is our signature .

The philosophy of our company is always surprising , we see the twinkle in the eye of the beholder our soaps , hence the challenge of transforming it into a designer bathroom and we are gradually getting it .
Today we signed our soaps like AromaChik or Soap by Amauri

1 ) Where can it be found ?
Our soaps can be found on our blog : http://aromachik.blogspot.com.br/ where we teach some of our art .
Another place is in our shop : http://loja.aromachik.com.br/ where we sell our soaps , forms and other products for soap manufacture .

2 ) What is your most popular soap —-
We have many soaps that customers elect as favorites I would highlight the line of Olive Oil,.Joy line, or new designs are ready and will be shown in 2014 , they surely will do very successfully .

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