About BTS

Soap making was nearly a lost art.

Our grandmothers and their mothers made soap out of necessity.  Soap was plain and utilitarian, the backbone of the feminine daily chores.  It cleaned skin and clothes and was  often harsh and abrasive. It washed dishes and floors.  It rarely bubbled.  It never smelled nice.



Today,  handmade soap still cleans skin, but it is a wondrous work of art.  Handmade soap can be found nearly everywhere now. Cheerful colors and exotic scents, soap is no longer the plain-jane drudge of yesteryear.

Soap making has become a creative endeavor,  a new venue to explore artistic expression. And this new army of Soap makers is leading the charge.

Among these nouveux soap makers, you can find the most beautiful and unique slices of decadent heaven.

Behind the Soap is a journal of interviews.  An intimate conversation with Soap makers detailing their journey into making soap..  We will travel with them to find that moment when that magical spark became reality.